Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vintage Trims

I like to incorporate vintage materials into every hat I make if possible. Besides scouring fabric and vintage stores for materials, one of my favorite stores is the downstairs of my parents house. My mothers family is Portuguese and settled in New Bedford, MA at the turn of the century. New Bedford was a hub for textile mills and all of my great grandmothers 7 sisters worked in those mills from age 12 on. This was waaaaay before child labor laws. Being the thrifty women that they were, the sisters collected all the materials they helped produce. And now, the trims that they collected can be found in Dori & Viv hats. I love the packaging also!
My great grandmother, Nana, the youngest of the family, is the last of her sisters alive. This year she turns 100! Oh and she beats me at cards each time I see her. And believe me, I don't let her win.

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