Friday, December 12, 2008

Be your own stationery designer- or Tough Times 101

Are things a bit tight right now? Well join the club. My closet is calling out that it needs new additions to make it happy. Especially this right here. But oh well, my closet is just going to have to learn to live with disappointment. But why should you? Here is way to be your own designer and still have the personal touches that I spoke about in my previous post on using illustrations in your wedding. And all it involves is notebook paper and a marker.
I just wrote the bride and grooms initials on a piece of notebook paper ala 4th grade. Pick any background you like to attach the paper to. I chose my bulletin board and arranged a picture of the couple, some fabric flowers, and a clipping from a magazine. Presto! A fun and original engagement announcement!
The web is full of printing services. Upload your photo on to any number of products. I think this would be a great post card. I just made sure that my photo was standard postcard size (4.25 by 6 inches). I recommend MOO, a great printing site based out of the UK. They're a little pricier then some of the other online printers out there but they are quick, helpful, with a great product line. Simply follow the steps on their site, upload your photo, and type in the text you would like on the back.
And a word of warning on online printing. Do your research! For example, DO NOT be swayed but the over advertised and cheap Vista! If you ever want to read printing horror stories google their name. Scary!
Moral of this story- Originality does not have to be expensive.

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