Friday, December 12, 2008

New Bride- Marissa

Actually this is a portrait I did a little while ago and completely forgot to post about!
Marissa chose a marker illustration which many brides do to get that authentic designer created look. I just love the boldness of markers. The colors pop!
The photo you see on the left is a cropped version of the one taken by wedding photographer Faith Dugan.
Faith is based out of beautiful Newport, RI ( my home state. I'm a little biased).
And let me tell you, her portfolio is impressive. Faith describes her style as " a mix of photojournalism, art and fashion-inspired portraiture". Having seen countless wedding photographers work through the weddings I've been a part of ( I've been a bridesmaid 6 TIMES. And no, I did not keep all the dresses) I can tell you that I have been underwhelmed.
It's the art school snob in me.
I would love to show you more of Faiths work BUT blogger is acting up right now and will not let me upload pictures. So more to come!

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