Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Untraditional/Fabulous Dress

My friend Ronnie has been putting a lot of thought into her impending wedding. They're having it at a venue that won't allow you to book it until March of that year. It's a gamble what day you're going to get so it's not like she can plan what dress she wants based on the season.
NOT that she would let the season dictate her dress so she tells me.
Ronnie has a love/hate relationship with traditionalism. She sees the point of it but doesn't like going along with it. Ronnie dances to the beat of her own samba band and wants what she wants.
She does not want to spend over 500 dollars, she would like to be eco friendly, and is can take or leave the color white. Above are some of the dresses that she is considering from a great site called vintageous.com
I haven't had the opportunity to illustrate a non traditional/totally fabulous dress for a bride yet but I'm really looking forward to it.
What about you out there in former bride and soon to be bride land? What did you look for in your dress? Any great stories?


Michelle said...

I am neither a former bride, nor a soon to be bride, but I can tell you I also have a love/hate/HATE/really hate relationship with tradition. I see the point and get the sentimentalism (word?), but I also do NOT enjoy things out of my control, or things that I would be expected to do. What if you don't look good in white? (And let's be honest, most people don't.) What if you don't like taffetta? What if you don't like floor length dresses? What if you think veils are stupid and don't like your hair in up-dos? What if all your friends don't look good in the same color, same style dress?

I thought the whole point of having a wedding was that it was supposed to be YOUR day. So if you want to wear red, wear red! If you want to go vintage, go vintage. If you want to wear white and pearls, go for it. If the day is supposed to be all about you, then you should be free to do it the way you want.

And Erica, whatever you illustrate will be AMAZING and I can't wait to see it!

Marissa said...

I agree. The traditional wedding dress is not for everyone. I ended up picking one that was semi traditional. If I could afford two dresses then I definitely would have picked a Stephanie James (http://stephaniejamescouture.com/) tea length dress for the reception.
I was quite surprised when shopping for my dress that I found many dresses in atypical styles and colors.

I think your friend has the right idea though. She'll find much better prices by looking at gorgeous formal dresses instead of wedding dresses that come in different colors.

My vote is for the blue one!

Deirdre Gill said...

I thought I wanted an intricate and detailed vintage style dress and ended up getting the opposite. You just have to keep an open mind, and consider the location where you'll be getting married. My dress was meant for my ceremony location and that's important to me. I want to feel comfortable and be in the moment, not worrying about my 5 ft long train getting stuck in some bush.

Awesome blog, by the way.

Veronica said...

It really is the whole view of weddings that bothers me. It is made out to be a day all about the bride and whatever wish she desires (don't get me started on wanting the day to be about me AND my fiance)- but as soon as the bride expresses something that deviates, even in the slightest, the bride is told she can't do that (i.e., not wear white; wear a cocktail dress; spend less than $500 and still get a wedding dress; and I'll leave at dresses).

In my wedding dress travels I have actually found out that the all white wedding dress is not a very long tradition. In fact, many brides wore colored dresses as recent as the early 1900s. It was only the wealthy that could afford to buy a dress that would show dirt so easily and be able to be worn only once.

The tradition use to be that the bride wore a dress that could be worn again or a nice suit that she could also wear while traveling for the honeymoon.

So that is my love/hate relationship with tradition - I love the tradition of buying a dress that I could wear again. I hate the tradition of spending lots of money on a dress that can only be worn once.