Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Using art to create individual touches

A lovely reader, Rachel, just wrote me to ask where the corgi and bride illustration was from shown in the previous post. It was an illustration I used for a clients engagement party invite. That started me thinking of how using art can give a unique individual touch to the over all look of a wedding.

Sometimes, picking a look or an illustration for stationery in a wedding can be a daunting task. But there are a few simple things to keep in mind that I guarantee will help you.

1) What colors do you like?

Or rather what are the colors you are using in your wedding? Even if you don't have your full color scheme pick there is usually at least one color that is a for sure choice. On that note, don't panic if you don't have all the "Big" decisions, like colors, made for your wedding at once. It's a process! And it should be fun. Let it happen organically. For my client, all she knew was that robins egg blue would be in the wedding in some form.

And that was my only direction. I used vintage Dick and Jane books as my inspiration and a robins egg blue color theme. The client loved the little kid versions of the couple and especially the heart with their initial on the black board. Another thing to keep in mind when you pick stationery is-

2) What do both of you love? Or just you even!

For this bride and groom it was the brides corgi. Also by this time to bride knew that ivory and light pinks would be used in her color scheme too.

So obviously for the clients shower invite a corgi was a must! And to continue the theme from the last invite, a little girl bride made an appearance again with a similar color theme.
And finally-

3) When in doubt let your past choices be a guide for your future ones.

You don't know what you want for flowers? Give your florist the items you've already picked for the wedding and tell him or her to show you the choices that would best fit the colors you already have. There are 5 million linen choices and you can't decide? See what motif goes best with your invitations that have already been sent out. Husband to be and you want a theme but can't decide on one? You remember to fabulous invite you had made with your initials written on a chalk board and carry it over to your menu cards, thank you notes and favors.
Your wedding is going to be easy.

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Amanda said...

These are some great ideas for brides. When planning for a wedding, the bride needs to coordinate so many things - venue, food, transportation, dresses, flowers, favors, invites . . . the list goes on and on! But it is important that the finished product (the wedding!) be seamless and for everything to go together. Your vendors should be willing to help achieve this result. I really liked how you showed "the evolution of the concept" for your former client. Interesting!