Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wedding Playlist

It's been a while but here is my second installment of "Wedding Playlists that does not involve Barry Manilow, Celine Dion, or the Electric Slide". That being said, at all of my family weddings one of the biggest controversies has been the group dance songs.
My family is VERY pro group dance song.
The electric slide and Hava Nagila being two must haves...did I mention that we're not jewish? But my grandmother must have Hava Nagila!
At the one wedding that it was banned by a well meaning cousin, my grandmother got her Hava Nagila on to JT's "Sexy Back". I'll leave you with that mental picture. Enjoy Shannon's playlist.

Shannon's Playlist
Get Me To the Church On Time -Frank Sinatra,Sinatra at the Sands
Only You - Joshua Radin
Like u Crazy - Mates Of State
September- Earth, Wind, and Fire
You're So Cool - Hans Zimmer, True Romance Soundtrack
Chapel Of Love - The Dixie Cups
You're The First, The Last, My Everything- Barry White
One Way Or Another- Blondie
The Story- Brandi Carlile
You Belong To Me- Dean Martin, Dean Martin: Greatest Hits
Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder
Today - Joshua Radin
I'm Shipping Up to Boston- Dropkick Murphys
You Can't Hurry Love- Phil Collins
Everyday Is A Holiday -Esthero
Who Loves You- Four Seasons
History Of Lovers- Iron And Wine
Dream A Little Dream Of Me- Michael Buble
I Could Not Ask for More - Sara Evan
Can't Take My Eyes Off You- Frankie Valli
When the Saints Go Marching In- Fats Domino
The Rainbow Connection- Kermit the Frog


Amanda said...

Ahhhh, the wedding playlist. In some ways I think this is the most difficult part of the wedding. Most weddings have a diverse mixture of guests, old and young, with widely varying tastes in music. You want everyone to have a good time while also staying true to your own taste in music. I say make sure you have a firm hand on your DJ, and make sure you can trust him to play what you want and to NOT play what you don't want. I had a problem with my DJ. He played every corny wedding song imaginable, including "I Had the Time of My Life" and "Celebrate". Arghhhhh! I still get angry thinking about it and that was two years ago now! Ok, well, you have some great suggestions here and I look forward to reading more!

Veronica said...

I have to ask if "Shipping up to Boston" by the Dropkick Murphys was purposely put in just to check if we are reading the whole amused me to picture people in formal wear dancing to it a la Jonathan Papelbon of the Red Sox!

Either way I think the playlist is overanalyzed. There are so many good songs out there that what does it matter if one is in or not? And if one is played that you don't like, take a break from the dance floor, get a drink, have some cake, mingle with other guests and in 2-3 minutes a different song will be on! (Just barely enough time for a quick bathroom break!)

Also, if you want to make sure only music you like is played at your wedding then do it yourself. The popularity of downloading music (legally, of course) and having iPods makes this a simple idea. Create a playlist from your music collection that is the length of your reception (or go a little long just in case!) and set it up to the speakers/sound system in the reception hall and you are good to go! You might even save a couple bucks by not getting a DJ - but remember downloading all the songs that are a must can add up and you may have to rent the speaker system.

Dori & Viv said...
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Dori & Viv said...

Thanks for your thoughts ladies!
Amanda, the run away wedding DJ seems to be a common theme. I had a friend forcibly remove a blow up guitar and over sized sunglasses from a DJ at her reception

And yes "shipping up to Boston" was deliberate. :)
I thought I was being soooo original for my Boston bride friend. Apparently, it is THE song choice for coming into your reception if your in bean town.

The Yankee fan in me is cringing!