Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Pretty things aren't exactly on the top of everyones lists this year, and rightly so. Unfortunately, people like me and others who make their livings as creatives are the first "extravagances" to be cut. But in times like this we need to help each other out. I've cut my prices on Dori & Viv up to 60%. One, because I want people to still be able to keep the "pretty" in their lives and two, because I need to make room for new gorgeous products!
Keep a look out for them soon.

Don't you hate it when life gets in the way....

After a two month break, I'm back! But here's a fun one I found months ago on a vintage website. I love the illustrations. And I especially love that it's about scarves. They're my favorite " I'm in a vintage store but can't find anything to buy...oh look, a 3 dollar scarf" purchase. I have way to many. I'm VERY Mediterranean looking. So when I wear scarves I'm always in danger of looking like I should be playing a tambourine with loads of gold jewelry. It's nice to have 28 non gypsy options from now on.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I love sales! In Hoboken.

To say that I love fashion would be an understatement. I am inspired by it. I create pieces of art around it. Every once in a while I deceive myself into thinking that I am no longer interested in it, that nothing this season appeals to me. And then.... my best friend comes to visit. We have a long leisurely lunch catching up on life and the inevitable question comes up. " Do you want to take a walk?" which translated means " Let's go shopping now so that we may torture ourselves and encourage each other to but pretty things". And that is what we did this last Sunday in Hoboken, my stomping grounds. Maybe it's the economy or just the gods laughing at me, but so many great things were on sale! I had a fruitless walk through of Loehmans the other day in which I decided that this seasons held no interest to me. I was wrong!
I found this amazing little "go out/ layering top" at Jesse James for 45 dollars! Marked down from $184. It's by Myne and I love the rest of their line too. End of the season sales in Hoboken are magic ( am I going overboard? Most likely. But I love the hunt for discount goodies! Plus I am seriously shopping deprived.). I also had luck at Parlor whose edited selection is always impressive. I found a great top ala "Stevie Nicks 1987/ witchy woman" on sale for 75 dollars! Alas, I looked like the shapeless MuMu mess that most people would in that top ( and most likely accounting for its seriously marked down status). To be long and lanky for one day!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm in fashion week! Well, I was and I didn't realize it

I did this print for a stint at Rebecca Taylor AGES ago! I never knew if they used it. Apparently they did ( PS- Rebecca Taylor, an amazingly sweet and genuine person). It's in her Spring 2009 collection. This day was a completely frustrating one career wise. To see this was fun but totally in contrast to what I experienced today.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sure the First Lady is a doll but...

My own personal form of torture is googling successful people my age or younger to find out where they went right and how I may blatantly copy some of that magic. Today's victim is Jason Wu, the lucky 26 year old!!!! ( takes gun and puts to her own head) who designed our new First Lady's dress. Apparently fashion designer is Jason Wu's second career. The first was kick ass doll designer. If dolls had looked like this when I was younger I can tell you Barbie, that cheap trollop, would never have shamed my toy chest. Jem? Yes. Because Jem rocks but Barbie, no! Wu took a standard doll company and reinvented it into the fashion doll stand out of the industry.
And the lines are amazing. My favorite is the Japanese line takes straight out of the pages of Fruits.
And the Old Hollywood line? Could I get this is my size? They say that little girls shouldn't be taught to idolize dolls...but how about big girls like me?